Marcel Boontje

01 November 2018 - 11:00

Webmanager and Manager Linked Data Project

Marcel Boontje studied Dutch Linguistics and Literature at the University of Amsterdam. His first job was at Infodrome ( a thinktank of the Dutch government researching the role of the government in the information society) as an online advisor. After that he worked as an online specialist for the City of Amsterdam Oud-West, the PvdA Amsterdam (city council campaign 2010), War Child (as online marketeer), DutchCulture (as online strategist) and as a teacher on digital media for the Media, Information and Communications department of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (HvA) before coming to the IISH.

At the IISH he manages most of the websites and he managed the project that led to the website you're looking at right now. A special website with an engine filled with linked data, that talks to the front end of the website through a custom search engine. This website is powered by Triply, Spinque (Desk), LimoenGroen, Drupal and React.

IISH Staff | Marcel Boontje | Photo by Martin van Welzen