Robin Philips

21 March 2019 - 12:53

PhD Researcher

Robin Philips (°1992) is a PhD researcher at the International Institute of Social History and Utrecht University. Here, he is writing his PhD manuscript on regional industrialization in the Netherlands and Belgium during the 19th and 20th century under the supervision of prof. dr. Jan-Luiten van Zanden (Utrecht University) and dr. Bas van Leeuwen (International Institute of Social History). He is part of the HINDI research project (link is external), which studies the historical dynamics of industrialization in Northwestern Europe and China (1800 – 2010).

In his PhD research, Robin studies how and why the location of industry in the Netherlands and Belgium shifted during the 1820-2010 period, throughout the different phases of industrialisation. His research not only aims at studying the factors that are responsible for a region's success in maintaining old and attracting new industrial activities, but also how these factors interact and how these factors change over time. Furthermore, Robin aims to look at the factors that make a region economically resilient or vulnerable in the long-run, and what policy recommendations can be drawn from this.

IISH Staff | Robin Philips - Photo by Martin van Welzen