Tamira Combrink

01 November 2018 - 10:01


Phd researcher on 'slavery and commodity chains ' within the project Slaves, commodities and logistics.

'Who profitted from a cup of coffee in the eighteenth century?' An intriguing question, that helps show the economic relations of people around the globe. And since the coffee consumed in this period was almost entirely produced by slaves, it also offers a new approach to the long running debate on the economic impact of slavery. A debate which for the Dutch case, has not yet been waged fully.

This phd research will study the slave-grown commodities of sugar, coffee and tobacco. Especially, the relative importance of the production, trade and processing and redistribution of these slavery-related commodities to the Dutch Republic in the 18th century. As well as attempting to reconstruct the distribution of value captured by various actors along the supply chain.

IISH Staff | Tamira Combrink - Photo by Martin van Welzen