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Curious about the Institute? Sign up for a tour behind the scenes.

Curious about the Institute? Sign up for a tour behind the scenes. You will walk through stockrooms that are closed to the public and you get to see unique documents. A tour guide tells you all about the rich history of this institution. The tour lasts about an hour and is free of charge.We can focus the tour on specific interests of the group, please contact us before at

    1. Guided tours of the IISH's collection for higher education

    For students of HBO institutions and universities, a visit to the IISH can be very interesting. Learn more about the impressive collection, with the archives of various organizations and individuals. We can receive 2 groups per month. Pay attention:

    • Application: at least 6 weeks in advance
    • Maximum 2 groups of 20 people per guided tour
    • Duration: 60 minutes

    2. Introduction archival research

    We receive students (WO and HBO) in the Posthumus Room where, under the guidance of an IISH colleague, we can give an introduction about the institute, how to search on the website, how to handle and request materials and so on. If desired in combination with a tour of the institute, along the various depots. Keep in mind:

    • Application at least 6 weeks in advance
    • Duration: max. 3 hours
    • Max. 20 students
    • If you want to request specific documents for this workshop, you should contact our colleagues from the reading room at The documents must be requested no later than one week in advance.

    3. Guided tours for interested people (reading room visitors, neighbors, secondary schools, tourists)

    Occasionally we organize a guided tour for other interested parties. A collection specialist from the IISH guides you around.

    • Duration: a maximum of 60 minutes
    • Minimum of 4 people and a maximum of 20 people per tour.
    • we can do a limited amount of these tours per year. Contact us at to check if a tour is available.
    • For secondary schools we can make an exception and allow up to 40 people with two tour guides.

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    Guided tours are available for a minimum of 4 people.

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