De Kolonieman - bookpresentation

03 September 2019 - 15:07
  • Bookpresentation (in Dutch).
  • October, 2nd, 16 o'clock, IISH.

We are happy to invite you to the festive presentation of the book De Kolonieman, the biography that Angelie Sens wrote about Johannes van den Bosch.

Of course Angelie will talk extensively about her book. And we are happy that well known writer Suzanna Jansen, Professor of Political History Susan Legene and Professor Ulbe Bosma will contribute to the afternoon.

Welcome by Suzanna Jansen (The Pauper Paradise)
Conversation Suzanna Jansen with Angelie Sens
Cees Bijl, Provincial Executive of Drenthe
Panel discussion with Ulbe Bosma (IISH) and Susan Legene (VU)
Questions from the audience

De Kolonieman van Angelie Sens

About the book

We write the early nineteenth century. Napoleon has been defeated, the young Kingdom of the Netherlands must reinvent itself. Johannes van den Bosch plays a crucial role in this period. In his more than 45-year career, the visionary soldier, director, economist and statesman decisively uses his spiritual resilience and talents to build up the Dutch empire under the new King William I.

Van den Bosch 'Maatschappij van Weldadigheid, founded in 1818, has left traces in many generations of Dutch people that still resound. Less well known is that Van den Bosch has also shown great decisiveness in those other colonies. The (almost) abolition of slavery in Suriname and the introduction of the Culture System in the Indonesian archipelago are the most important examples of this.

The common thread in his thinking and acting was the economic and social elevation of both the poor in Dutch cities, the farmers in the Javanese desas and the slaves on Surinamese plantations. He was therefore not undisputed. He was regarded by some as a utopian socialist and pioneer of the modern welfare state, by others as a purely pragmatic Macher, or even a villain.

Angelie Sens describes a beautiful picture of an era at the tipping point in modern society.