Fredrik Ringholm

05 September 2023 - 16:57

Staff Member Digital-Born Project

Fredrik Ringholm moved to the Netherlands from his native Sweden in 2017 to start a life with his Dutch partner. Before moving he worked in the information desk at Kulturhuset Multeum, supporting both the public library and the extensive cultural programs. Prior to this he pursued an education in journalism (not completed). After arriving in the Netherlands, he pursued further studies and completed his degrees in the field of Media Studies. He holds a BA-degree in Information Cultures which he achieved cum laude, and a MA-degree in Archival and Information Studies, both from the University of Amsterdam.

His BA-thesis research revolved around the nature of digital objects and virtual spaces. He wrote his MA-thesis on the troubled relationship between digital preservation and environmental sustainability, and has long-standing interests in community archiving and archival activism. Since 2022, he is part of Green IT Digital Heritage, a working group of the Dutch Digital Heritage Network (NDE).

He began at the IISH as an intern during his Master program in 2021, where he wrote an advisory report called ‘Records of Resistance’ on scenarios for collaborative modes of collection development, using Extinction Rebellion Netherlands as a case study. In a continuation on this, he returned to the IISH in 2023 for a project facilitating sustainable access to the digital archives of social movements. In his current role as Scientific Information Specialist, he is contributing to the development of new ways of working with external communities and across departments.”

Fredrik Ringholm