Marzi Heydarian

13 September 2023 - 9:30

Staff member Collection Development

Marzi Heydarian graduated in Persian language and literature, from Allam-e- Tabatabayee University -Tehran. In 2008, She was doing the same job as the current one in Tehran at the Iran Martyrs and Veterans Foundation And it was about Iran-Iraq war (80-88) extensive archive.     

She moved to the Netherlands in 2011 to an apartment which was surprisingly 200 meters away from IISG. Eight years later (2019) she joined the IISG for a short term project to arrange the Persian/Farsi materials by a temporary assignment .After 3 years she came back to work as a catalogue assistant in the form of 6 month project for sorting and categorizing a large collection of magazines and newspapers which is donated to IISG.

She has also been  teaching Persian language to children in Aseman (meaning sky in English) institute since 2016.

Marzi Heydarian