covid-19 and public services

Although access to the IISH building is restricted, visiting the reading room is possible. The reading room has a limited number of seats that can only be used by appointment. Please contact
On this page we inform you about the possibilities and limitations.


At the moment we can allow only a limited number of visitors by appointment. We assess requests on the use of the collection, urgency and possible alternatives. It is not possible to visit the IISH without an appointment.

Please keep in mind that you have to bring your own equipment and laptop when you visit and that you cannot use the canteen. We adhere to the RIVM guidelines and expect the same from our visitors.

Please let us know as precisely as possible what you need and if you have a deadline, so we can see which solutions we can offer. All requests for material can be made through the reading room.
For requests or more information, please contact

Part of the collection can be consulted freely through the catalogue almost 400 archives, most photos and posters via small images. See also the useful links below.


It is possible to order reproductions via the button 'Reproduction' in the catalogue; delivery may take a little longer than usual.

Useful links

For any questions on collections, you can reach our public services at