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This page contains an overview of all IISH journals. You will also find links to the online series of IISH Research Papers and the Biographical Dictionary of Socialism and the Labour Movement in the Netherlands (BWSA) (in Dutch).


IISH Research Papers

IISH-Research Papers is a pre-publication series inaugurated in 1989 by the International Institute of Social History (IISH) to highlight and promote socio-historical research and scholarship. Through online, open access distribution of these works the IISH hopes to encourage international discussion and exchange. This vehicle of publicizing works in progress or in a pre-publication stage is open to all labour and social historians. In this context, research by scholars from outside the IISH can also be disseminated as a Research Paper.

Those interested should write to the Publications Department of the IISH, at

The IISH Research Papers listed here are available to download as PDF. The other volumes in the series are available in the IISH library.

55 Roots of a Murderous Idea: 'Replacement' Thinking in the Atlantic World Since the Early 19th Century - Leo Lucassen

54 Goa at work around 1850: A source-based report on labour relations in Western India under the Portuguese - Paulo Teodoro de Matos and Jan Lucassen

53 Displaced Pan-European Cultural Valuables on the Eastern Front: Seventy Years after the Second World War -  Patricia Kennedy Grimsted

52 Cross-cultural migration in Western Europe 1901-2000: A preliminary estimate -  Leo Lucassen, Jan Lucassen, Rick de Jong, and Mark van de Water

51 Outlines of a History of Labour - Jan Lucassen

50 Striking Numbers: New Approaches to Strike Research - Edited by Sjaak van der Velden

49 An Emancipatory Global Labour Studies is Necessary!: On Rethinking the Global Labour Movement in the Hour of Furnaces - Peter Waterman

48 The Creation of Modern Prisons in the Russian Empire: Research Report - Erika Kriukelytė

47 Reconstructing the Record of Nazi Cultural Plunder: Survey of the Dispersed Archives of the Einsatzstab Reichsleiter Rosenberg (ERR) - Patricia Kennedy Grimsted

46 The mobility transition in Europe revisited, 1500-1900: Sources and methods - Jan Lucassen, Leo Lucassen

45 A Complicated Solidarity: The Swedish Labour Movement and Solidarnosc - Klaus Misgeld

44 Urban Households in Russia and the Soviet Union, 1900-2000: Size, Structure and Composition - Sergey Afontsev, Gijs Kessler, Andrei Markevich, Victoria Tyazhel’nikova, Timur Valetov

43 Immigranten in Nederland in de eerste helft van de 19e eeuw: Een onderzoek op basis van de Utrechtse volkstellingen van 1829 en 1839 - Jelle van Lottum

42 The Odyssey of the Turgenev Library from Paris, 1940-2002: Books as Victims and Trophies of War - Patricia Kennedy Grimsted 

41 Work Incentives in Historical Perspectives: Preliminary Remarks - Marcel van der Linden, Jan Lucassen

39 In Search Of Work - Jan Lucassen

37 Zur Darstellung und dem Wandel von Gewalt auf russischen und sowjetischen Plakaten der Jahre 1917-1932 - Nicola Hille

36 EU Enlargement to the East and Labour Migration to the West: Lessons from Previous Enlargements for the Introduction of the Free movement of Workers for Central and East European Countries - Simone Goedings

30 Trade Union Neutrality? The Swedish Trade Union Confederation (LO) and the Trade Union International at the beginning of the Cold War - Klaus Misgeld

29 The International Socialist Labor Movement and the Elimination of the 'German Problem' - Ursula Langkau-Alex

27 The Former Communist Party Archives in Eastern Europe and Russia - Leo van Rossum

26 Archives of Russia Five Years After - Patricia Kennedy Grimsted

23 The 'School of Communism' under Neo-Liberal Reform - Gijs Kessler

22 Working-Class Formation in Europe: In Search of a Synthesis - Flemming Mikkelsen

19 Negen classificaties voor 19e en 20e eeuwse beroepstitels - Kees Mandemakers