Koninklijke Nederlandse Akademie voor Wetenschappen

The KNAW is the legal entity that has all our employees on its payroll. The Institute’s general director is appointed by the KNAW’s board for a five-year term (which can optionally be extended by a further term). Each Institute has an Academic Advisory Board appointed by the KNAW, which advises the director of the Institute as well as the KNAW. The Academic Advisory Board of the IISH meets twice per year.

The IISH has an Academic Advisory Board and the IISH Foundation has a Supervisory Board. The members of these boards are listed on this page.

Academic Advisory Board of the IISH

  • Prof. dr. Luuk de Ligt (chair), Leiden University
  • Prof. Catia Antunes, Leiden University
  • Prof. Julia Noordegraaf, UvA
  • Drs. Hélène Oppatja, CBG | Centrum voor familiegeschiedenis
  • Ass. Prof. Juliane Schiel, Wien University
  • Prof. dr. Mara Yerkes, Utrecht University
  • Dr. Pim de Zwart, Wageningen University

Supervisory Board of the IISH Foundation

  • MA Z (Zakaria) Boufangacha
  • Drs. A. (Afelonne) Doek
  • Dr. E.J.B. (Lily) Knibbeler
  • Prof. Dr. S.L. (Sarah) de Lange
  • Prof. Dr. E.M. (Esther-Mirjam) Sent
  • Drs. C.P.W.J. (Petra) Stienen
  • Dr. H. (Henk) Wals (voorzitter)

Director of the IISH Foundation

  • Prof. Dr. L (Leo) Lucassen