HSNDB - databases for historical and contemporary research

19 May 2021 - 15:06

HSNDB is the collective name for the datasets containing Dutch individuals from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries with which more than 500 publications have been written on issues such as life histories, social mobility, infant mortality and longevity.

The two most well-known databases are the Historical Sample of the Netherlands (HSN) and LINKS. The HSN is a sample of persons born in the "European part" of the Netherlands and contains population register information on their life histories, their families, and the households in which they lived. LINKS is based on the civil registry, and reconstructs life histories and families for all people born, married, or died in the Netherlands.

In making these historical databases available, information on place names, occupations, religious denominations, etc. has been standardized and cleaned up. Supporting files were created for this purpose that included "raw" and "cleaned" information.

All data from the HSNDB are available through Dataverse, although access to some data requires a Dataverse account or explicit permission. HSNDB data is used by the CBG: Center for Family History, the Central Bureau of Statistics, and the Electoral Council, among others.

Questions related to the HSNDB can be sent to data@iisg.nl.

HSNDB - Datasets for inequality research