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On Thursday 3 December the mural 'The wall of Surinamese and black heroes' of the building 'Ons Suriname' in Amsterdam was covered with white paint and racist texts were applied.


ESSHC goes digital

The ESSHC 2020, postponed  to 24-27 March 2021,  goes digital.

We  have decided to change the postponed the ESSHC in March 2021 into an online event.
As a live conference in March 2021 is not a viable option given the ongoing global Covid-19 crisis, we have chosen to go digital. Thus, we want to give the ESSHC community the opportunity to present, discuss, network and stay connected, in a virtual environment.  More information on the ESSHC on the conference website:


Belakhare ham marg bod ham bazgasht : 21 azar.

New posters from Iran about the 1946 crisis

NB: a version of this text in Farsi is downloadable as pdf below!

One of the early events that mark the beginning of the Cold War played out in the northwestern province of Iran, Azerbaijan, widely referred to as the 1946 crisis. A number of recently acquired posters in the collection of the International Institute of Social History (IISH) provide a colorful image of the way in which the 1946 crisis was perceived and propagated by the Iranian state in the following decade in the context of the Cold War.