Queen Mary's Psalter (Ms. Royal 2. B. VII), fol. 78v[1].

Call for Papers: Households as Coercive Labour Regimes

International Conference on November 2-3, 2023, by the Bonn Center for Dependency and Slavery Studies (BCDSS), University of Bonn, Germany, and the International Institute of Social History, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The conference is organized by Stephan Conermann, Karin Hofmeester, Ulbe Bosma and Matthias van Rossum.


Fellowship Prince Dr Sabbar Farman-Farmaian

With the generous support of Farman-Farmaian Family, the IISH launches a new fellowship programme named the Prince Dr Sabbar Farman-Farmaian Fellowships for scholars who wish to use its collections for the study of social and economic history of 18-20 century of Iran, whether from a regional, national, or comparative and transnational perspective.


Research The State and Slavery

In June 2022, the Royal Dutch Centre for Caribbean and Asian Studies (KITLV), the National Institute for Dutch Slavery Past and Heritage (NiNsee), the International Institute of Social History (IISH) and the University of Curaçao started a research project into the Dutch colonial slavery past and its effects.

IISH Staff | Leo Lucassen | Photo by Martin van Welzen

Roots of a Murderous Idea

IISH Research Paper 55 – now online

Leo Lucassen wrote a new research paper on ‘replacement’ thinking in the Atlantic world since the early nineteenth century: Roots of a Murderous Idea: ‘Replacement’ Thinking in the Atlantic World Since the Early 19th Century.

A photograph of Ben Mouwes

In Memoriam Benjamin Mouwes

Met veel verdriet nemen we afscheid van onze zeer gewaardeerde en geliefde collega Benjamin Mouwes, die afgelopen zondag, 26 juni, overleed. Ben was medewerker van de afdeling Data & Verrijking, in het team dat voor de Historische Steekproef Nederland (HSN) data verzamelt. Na zijn pensioen in 2013 bleef hij aan als vrijwilliger bij de HSN.

Een stapel van Gijs Kessler's nieuwe boek 'Rusland - land dat anders wil zijn'.

Book presentation Gijs Kessler

The official presentation of the new book 'Rusland - land dat anders wil zijn' (Russia - Country that wants to be different) was held on June 9th at the publisher, Uitgeverij Prometheus. The book is a personal retrospective on 25 years of living and working in Russia by Gijs Kessler, senior researcher at the Institute.