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Pepijn Brandon

Inaugural lecture Pepijn Brandon

7 June 2023 17:11

Last month, Professor of Global Economic and Social History Pepijn Brandon held his inaugural lecture at VU Amsterdam about how large-scale violence has played an extremely important role in the history of capitalism.

Global History

Video: 25 years of Global Labour History

5 June 2023 17:44

On 25 May 2023 the IISH organised an event regarding the past achievements and future perspectives of global labour from the perspectives of Marcel van der Linden and Jan Lucassen, successive directors of research at IISH.

The world of sugar

Publicatie The World of Sugar

15 May 2023 16:59

Suiker zit in bijna alles. Hoe dat komt verklaart IISG-onderzoeker Ulbe Bosma in The World of Sugar: How the Sweet Stuff Transformed Our Politics, Health, and Environment over 2,000 Years (Harvard University Press, 2023). Deze eerste echte wereldgeschiedenis van de suiker legt uit hoe dit aanvankelijk zo dure luxeartikel een vast bestanddeel kon worden in bijna alle industriële voedingsmiddelen.

Queen Mary's Psalter (Ms. Royal 2. B. VII), fol. 78v[1].

Call for Papers: Households as Coercive Labour Regimes

1 March 2023 10:57

International Conference on November 2-3, 2023, by the Bonn Center for Dependency and Slavery Studies (BCDSS), University of Bonn, Germany, and the International Institute of Social History, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The conference is organized by Stephan Conermann, Karin Hofmeester, Ulbe Bosma and Matthias van Rossum.


Fellowship Prince Dr Sabbar Farman-Farmaian

20 February 2023 10:07

With the generous support of Farman-Farmaian Family, the IISH launches a new fellowship programme named the Prince Dr Sabbar Farman-Farmaian Fellowships for scholars who wish to use its collections for the study of social and economic history of 18-20 century of Iran, whether from a regional, national, or comparative and transnational perspective.

Slavernijmonument Amsterdam

Research The State and Slavery

5 December 2022 12:05

In June 2022, the Royal Dutch Centre for Caribbean and Asian Studies (KITLV), the National Institute for Dutch Slavery Past and Heritage (NiNsee), the International Institute of Social History (IISH) and the University of Curaçao started a research project into the Dutch colonial slavery past and its effects.