Kees Mandemakers

01 November 2017 - 8:00


Historical Sample of the Netherlands

Studied history in Utrecht and philosophy in Amsterdam (University of Amsterdam). Worked at Utrecht University, Erasmus University Rotterdam and Free University Amsterdam, where he taught historical informatics and statistics from 1989 till October 2000. In 1996 he acquired his PhD at Erasmus University Rotterdam.

In 1991 he started the Historical Sample of the Netherlands (HSN) at the IISH and since 2000 he has worked there full time. Present position at the IISH: senior research fellow, heading the HSN.

Holds the endowed chair for Large Historical Databases at the Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication of the Erasmus University Rotterdam and is President of the International Commission for Historical Demography.

Main research interest:

  • methodology of large historical databases (topics: data processing, sample designs)
  • social stratification and mobility
  • social history (topics: secondary education, infant and child mortality, shoe-industry).
IISH Staff | Kees Mandemakers - Photo by Martin van Welzen