Requesting information

This page explains how to request information from the Academy or one of its institutes under the (Dutch) Open Government Act (the “WOO”).

The Academy aims to make as much information as possible available through its own websites. Not all information can be made public, however, for example personal data about or originating from researchers or other employees, or information about third parties. When responding to a request for information under the WOO, the Academy gives it careful consideration, taking into account the relevant statutory framework and remaining within the statutory four-week deadline. The Academy will contact you if it is not possible to respond by that deadline. If an information request is refused, the Academy will explain why. If the request is granted, the Academy will share the requested information with you and will also make it publicly available to others.

Submitting a request

Your request should specify as precisely as possible what information you wish to receive. Information requests intended for all Academy units (the Academy Bureau and the institutes) can be e-mailed to

You can also send your request by post to:

Postbus 19121
NL-1000 GC Amsterdam
The Netherlands

The Academy may charge you for any costs incurred for making copies and extracts.