This is a list of coming events at the IISH.


The Dutch Chamber Music Ensemble is presenting a program about women in the International Institute of Social History.

Grachtenfestival: beautiful classical music at the IISH

  • 16th of August, 16.00 h
  • Grachtenfestival 

The Grachtenfestival is all about music. Young musicians from all over the world surprise you with their own musical story. With Amsterdam as their stage. The Grachtenfestival 2019 takes place from 9 to 18 August. It offers an unique opportunity to listen to beautiful classical music at the institute.

The Dutch Chamber Music Ensemble is presenting a program about women. In every composition that is played by this completely female ensemble, the woman plays the leading role. The role that the woman plays varies; it is about the woman who sings or who is sung, a sonata in minor for the deceased mother, the woman as a composer and the woman as a muse. Listen to masterpieces by Purcell, Mozart, Clara & Robert Schumann, and Henriëtte Bosmans, among others.

IISH | ELHN 3rd conference | Aardappeloogst

ELHN 3rd conference

  • Conference @ IISH
  • 18-21 September 2019

 The Third Conference of the European Labour History Network (ELHN)

ESSHC | logo

ESSHC Conference 2020

  • ESSHC conference 2020
  • @ Leiden(the Netherlands)
  • Wednesday 18 - Saturday 21 March 2020

The aim of the ESSHC is to bring together scholars who explain historical phenomena using the methods of the social sciences.