This is a list of coming events at the IISH.


Andrea Caracausi

Lecture by Andrea Caracausi

'Ribbons of the "Empire". Merchant-Capitalism and Labour Commodification in Early Modern Italy'.

  • 3 March
  • 15.30 hrs
  • Max Nettlau Room, IISH

Abstract: From the 16th century onwards, ribbons became fashionable objects in both clothing and home interiors as accessory and symbolic items representing global commodities capable of connecting different regions of the world.

ESSHC Conference 2020

  • Wednesday 18 - Saturday 21 March 2020
  • Leiden (the Netherlands)

The IISH organizes the ESSHC conference once every two years. The aim of the ESSHC is to bring together scholars who explain historical phenomena using the methods of the social sciences.