Adopt History - FAQs

Help the IISH to safeguard our collection for the future by adopting a piece of history from our collection. FAQs - frequently asked questions, with the answers

  • Can more than one person adopt the same book?

Yes. If the first person who adopts a book donates less than € 150, the book remains on the list. If someone donates more than € 150, then that person adopts independently, and the book is taken off the list.How often are new books, archives, and collections added to the list?
We try to add new titles regularly to maintain a broad selection.

  • What do I do if I am looking for a book that is not on your list?

If you want to adopt a book that is not on the list, you have the option to select personally from our collections, if your donation is € 1,000 or more. We also welcome e-mails informing us of people’s wishes.

  • May I adopt in my own name?

Certainly. Several persons use our adoption programme to support the work of our Institute. Please note that donations may also be in memory of a deceased person.

  • May I adopt from abroad?

Yes. Please bear in mind that a donation from abroad may be subject to a different tax regime than a domestic donation.

  • Is the IISH officially recognized as a charitable cause?

Yes. From 1 January 2008, donations to charitable institutions are deductible from taxable income, if the institution is classified as a public benefit organization (ANBI). The Foundation IISH, which includes the Friends and the adoption programme, is such an ANBI organization.

  • How quickly will my adoption be processed?

We aim to process your adoption within a week and send you confirmation of receipt. If you don't hear from us within this period, or if you have a special request, please contact us using the contact information on the website.

  • What is the maximum length of my personal assignment?

The maximum length of your personal assignment depends on the book size and matching insert. If at all possible, we try to realize your wishes.

  • Will my donation be used to preserve the adopted book?

Not always. Our adoption program is established to raise additional funds toward collection conservation. Your donation helps us preserve the IISH collections and the knowledge they contain for future generations and enables us to address essential preservation maintenance.

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