On the Waterfront 26

24 January 2018 - 9:32

On the Waterfront is the semi-annual magazine of the IISH. This is issue 26

On the Waterfront : newsletter from the Friends of the IISH
Authors: Jaap Kloosterman, Bouwe Hijma, Eric de Ruijter, Huub Sanders
Place of publication: Amsterdam
Year: 2013 / Issue: 26 / Format: 16 pp.

Including The Middle East and Central Asia Desk
Documenting Social and Political Movements in a Turbulent Region

Lecture by Touraj Atabaki on 31 January 2013


This 26th issue of On the Waterfront reflects the Friends’ Day held on January 31, 2013. Apart from our usual update on recent accessions, we publish a brief summary of Turaj Atabaki’s talk on the Institute’s activities in Iran, Turkey, and Central Asia.

We also pay attention to the exhibition Together and Apart, which was featured at the Drents Museum in Assen from November 17, 2012 to June 9, 2013. It was part of Work, Income and the State in Russia and the Soviet Union, 1900-2000, a project funded by the Friends and supervised by the exhibition’s curator, Gijs Kessler.


IISH On the Waterfront 26