On the Waterfront 35

28 June 2018 - 15:41

On the Waterfront is the semi-annual magazine of the IISH. This is issue 35 (2018)

On the Waterfront : newsletter from the Friends of the IISH
Authors: Bouwe Hijma, Huub Sanders, Eric de Ruijter
Place of publication: Amsterdam
Year: 2018 / Issue: 35 / Format: 16 pp.

Including lectures by Gijs Kessler, Dennis Bos and Pepijn Brandon.


On 29 June 2017 the Friends met for the first time in the new format of a General Friends Meeting. Several people hope to involve the Friends more actively in the vicissitudes of the Institute. The old structure seemed top-heavy for a relatively small organization such as the Friends of the IISH. In addition, the IISH looks forward to more feedback from the general public about plans drafted within the Institute. Who better to consult first than your Friends?

This is why we have adjusted the organization in some ways. In addition to the IISH staff responsible for preparing and organizing the Friends, we are introducing a General Friends Meeting, which will consistently address at least one special theme. We will also discuss pending matters of the Friends and the IISH alike there. We are hoping for active and most of all mutual dynamics and a new platform for exchanging ideas and activities.

The results of the survey were discussed on 29 June as well. We received 27 completed surveys, a high score for 69 forms issued and indicating that our Friends are very involved. One of our conclusions has been to modify the dues.

The entrance fee is now 25 euros with the intention of attracting a new group of interested participants, who may have difficulty with the fee of 100 euros. Of course we hope that you will stay on as loyal Friends and welcome all help.

We are pleased to congratulate Maral Jefroudi, who on 11 October 2017 took her phd on: “If I deserve it, it should be paid to me” A Social History of Labour in the Iranian Oil Industry (1951-1973). We also congratulate Pim Zwier and Gijs Kessler on the 24 October premiere of their motion picture Bouwen te midden van eenzaamheid about the architect Van Loghem, who in the 1920s travelled to the Soviet Union to help build the new society.

IISH On the Waterfront 35