Eric de Ruijter

02 November 2018 - 16:00

Director data & collections

Studied Modern History at the Free University Amsterdam. He started working at the IISH in 1988, successively at the Collections department, the Digital Projects department, and the Public Services department. In recent years as Manager Collections.

Was involved in several collections’ projects: to improve the sustainable preservation of digital objects, to convert collection metadata into linked data, to enrich archival metadata with named entities, and to ensure IIIF access to all collections. Was as product owner the intermediate between collection projects and the Digital infrastructure department of the KNAW Humanities Cluster.

Is a member of the domain group ‘Usable Digital Heritage’ of the Dutch Digital Heritage Network (NDE) and chair of the DARIAH working group Sustainable publishing of (meta)data. Is board member of the Labour's Memory project (Sweden), the Gosteli Stiftung - Archiv zur Geschichte der schweizerischen Frauenbewegung, and the project Belgian Infrastructure for Social Sciences and Humanities Open Science (BISHOPS).

As of 1 February 2022, succeeded Afelonne Doek as Director of Data & Collections and member of the institute's management team.

For publications and activities see: KNAW - Pure website - Eric de Ruijter.

IISH Staff | Eric de Ruijter | Photo by Martin van Welzen