On the Waterfront 32

24 January 2018 - 9:31

On the Waterfront is the semi-annual magazine of the IISH. This is issue 32 (2016)

On the Waterfront : newsletter from the Friends of the IISH
Authors: Bouwe Hijma, Huub Sanders, Eric de Ruijter
Place of publication: Amsterdam
Year: 2016 / Issue: 32 / Format: 16 pp.

Including lectures by Lidewij Verheggen en Gerard Leenders about "De geschiedenis van de 'Volksverheffing"


The plans to have the KNAW humanities institutes team up in the KNAW Humanities Cluster are crystallizing in 2016. The institutions concerned are the ING Huygens, Meertens Institute, NIAS, and IISH. Exploring how these institutions will manifest jointly is a challenging plan: each has its own traditions and perspective.

The common programme of scholarship devised bears the title ‘Impact of Circulation’. People, ideas, and goods circulate, and these processes impact society, as visualized in social structure, culture, and language. Very generally, these are the highlights of the programme.

Obviously, the new cluster will work intensively on much-discussed new techniques in humanities. The new institute will figure prominently in building the digital humanities infrastructure with CLARIAH and the national ESFR Roadmap programme. A joint operations desk will be set up, and the ING Huygens, Meertens Institute, and NIAS will be moving to Oudezijds Achterburgwal / Spinhuissteeg. The IISH, with its vast collections, will remain at the present Cruquiusweg premises. Some services will be concentrated at the new operations desk. Quite a few moves and transitions lie ahead.

One project you will hear more about in the future was launched last April. The Collection Development Department will systematically approach the main archive builders to secure the digital archives of these organizations. Examples include organizations such as the FNV and the ITUC. In the recent past taking concrete steps has been difficult, even though most of those involved acknowledge the importance of this mission. We will be allocating human and other resources to ensure that these good intentions among all parties result in acquiring these archives.

IISH On the Waterfront 32