22 December 2023 - 17:22

SSHOC-NL is a cooperation between the HSNDB and the Central Bureau of Genealogy (CBG).

The CBG has scanned all 6 million person records, which contain information on location and time of birth, marriage, and death, family relations, living addresses, occupations, and religion for the Dutch population between 1939 and 1994. SSHOC-NL will retrieve this information from the scanned person cards and make it available for research.

The records contain dynamic information on everyone who lived in the Netherlands between ca. 1939-1994, filling the gap between the current existing data systems at the HSN and LINKS that cover the 19th and early-20th centuries and the SSD that contains information from 1994 until the present. The data retrieved from the CBG scans will be provided to researchers via the secure environment SANE. While out of scope of this project, the end results will eventually allow the HSNDB and SSD to be linked via the person records database. 

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