Webinar Reconstructing global slave trade: new data initiatives in slave trade and slavery studies

07 april 2021 - 14:00 — 07 april 2021 - 16:00

The importance of collecting and curating data on slave transportations, enslaved populations, markets and prices is undeniable for advancing research, generating new reconstructions and unlocking archival sources to a wider public.

Scholars of Atlantic slave trade have been pioneers in such data initiatives. In order to advance Asian slave trade and slavery studies, a growing network of scholars is working towards a collaborative Indian Ocean and maritime Asian slave trade database.

During this webinar, new database models will be discussed and compared with the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Database. Experts on both Indian Ocean and Atlantic slave trade will address recent developments in the field and explore ways forward.


Merve Tosun - International Institute of Social History
Indian Ocean and Maritime Asia Slave Trade Database

Dr. Claude Chevaleyre - University of Bonn / ENS-Lyon
Database on Human Trafficking in Early Modern China

Prof. em. David Eltis - Emory University
Voyages: Transatlantic Slave Trade Database

Dr. Dean Rehberger - Michigan State University
Enslaved: Peoples of the Historcial Slave Trade

The webinar is part of the project “Exploring Slave Trade in Asia”.

Please register for this webinar by sending an e-mail to secretar@iisg.nl.