Grant for ERC research project Voices of Resistance

22 November 2023 - 21:52

A global historical approach to enslavement across the Atlantic & Indian Ocean. This is the aim of the ERC Consolidator Project Voices of Resistance led by Matthias van Rossum

The ERC grant provides a large and innovative contribution to a research agenda that aims to investigate how responses to different forms of enslavement impacted slavery and racialization, and to bring the study of slavery in Asia in conversation with Atlantic scholarship. The project will allow four PhD researchers to explore a large number of case studies of enslavement, slavery and racialization in the Indian Ocean and Indonesian Archipelago worlds. They will explore different European colonial archives (most notably the French, Portuguese and Spanish, and in addition Dutch and British material) to study source material that provide access to the voices of the enslaved. With two postdoc position the expertise on Atlantic history and Digital Humanities will be strengthened. Together this will contribute to revisiting the global history of slavery from below.

The Voices of Resistance project will work together with ongoing projects on the slave trade in Asia (Exploring Slave Trade in Asia), resistance and slavery in the Dutch colonial empire (Resisting Enslavement) and the developing research infrastructure for the digital archive of the Dutch East India Company (GLOBALISE).

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Voices of Resistance