Research Projects

The IISH conducts research in Project Clusters.

  • Global Developments
  • Individual Strategies
  • Collective Strategies
  • Data Projects

This is an overview of al Research Projects within de four clusters.

IISH Research | Lippische Ziegler | Lippe Brickmakers | Photo in IISH-collection

Research Projects

IISH Research | Iran Oil Industry | By Nevit Dilmen (talk) - Own work Family album, Public Domain,

Labour in the Iranian Oil Industry

The main objective of this project is to develop an empirical and qualitative understanding of labour as well as labour force in the Iranian oil industry.

Project-leader: Touraj Atabarki

HSN projects | Longpop logo


LONGPOP: Methodologies and Data Mining techniques for the analysis of Big Data based on Longitudinal Population and Epidemiological Registers

  • Project lead: Kees Mandemakers
  • Start: 2015
  • Grant: € 3.860,731 (€ 510,748 IISH) by the European Research Counsil - Marie Curie - Horizon 2020
De Werf van de Zeeuwse Admirailteit (1776) - source: Rijksmuseum

Naval shipyards: Laboratories of capitalism

Naval Shipyards in the Atlantic World as Centers of Innovation in Production, Administration and Labor Control (1720-1870)

  • Project lead: Pepijn Brandon
  • Project start: 2016
  • Grant: € 250,000 (€ 125,000 IISH) by NWO [VENI]
  • Partners: Free University Amsterdam
Historical prices and wages | Florijn uit 1616 (Kampen)

Historical Prices and Wages (HPW)

Data on prices and wages are among the most important sources of information in social- and economic-historical research, especially for the pre-statistical period. HPW collects this data.