Research Projects

The IISH conducts research in Project Clusters.

  • Global Developments
  • Individual Strategies
  • Collective Strategies
  • Data Projects

This is an overview of all Research Projects within the four clusters.

IISH Research | Lippische Ziegler | Lippe Brickmakers | Photo in IISH-collection

Research Projects

De Werf van de Zeeuwse Admirailteit (1776) - source: Rijksmuseum

Naval shipyards: Laboratories of capitalism

Naval Shipyards in the Atlantic World as Centers of Innovation in Production, Administration and Labor Control (1720-1870)

  • Project lead: Pepijn Brandon
  • Project start: 2016
  • Grant: € 250,000 (€ 125,000 IISH) by NWO [VENI]
  • Partners: Free University Amsterdam
Historical prices and wages | Florijn uit 1616 (Kampen)

Historical Prices and Wages (HPW)

Data on prices and wages are among the most important sources of information in social- and economic-historical research, especially for the pre-statistical period. HPW collects this data.