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Historical prices and wages | Florijn uit 1616 (Kampen)

Historical Prices and Wages (HPW)

Data on prices and wages are among the most important sources of information in social- and economic-historical research, especially for the pre-statistical period. HPW collects this data.

Hilde de Weerdt

The Lives and Afterlives of Imperial Material Infrastructure in Southeastern China

This project offers a critical analysis of how large-scale infrastructures such as roads, city walls, and bridges have contributed to regional and empire-wide integration, but equally why and how processes of integration regularly broke down, and how large-scale infrastructure projects contributed to countervailing trends including local tension, local autonomy, and cross-border regional formations.

Strikes in Brussels, 27 December, 1960

HUB Global Labour Conflicts

In 2015, the International Institute of Social History Launched the HUB Global Labour Conflicts project. The goal of the HUB is to develop a new data collaboration which collects information about labour conflicts through time and space. By doing this, the HUB hopes to enable researchers to conduct comparative analyses and link information about labour conflicts. The project was set up by Sjaak van der Velden who collected data from various sources on strikes and work stoppages. During his time at the IISH Sjaak worked together with colleagues from the field to publish 56 different datasets on the IISH Dataverse. Today the project is overseen by Rosa Kösters.

Op de werkvloer in Oss

Tussen Solidariteit en Fragmentatie

Tussen solidariteit en fragmentatie. Een analyse van de gevolgen van en reacties op veranderende arbeidsverhoudingen door werkvloer en vakbeweging in Nederland, 1970-2020

PhD Researcher: Rosa Kösters MA 
Promotor en projectleider: Dr. Matthias van Rossum
Promotor: Prof. dr. Leo Lucassen

Het project Tussen solidariteit en fragmentatie onderzoekt de gevolgen van de transformatie van werk in Nederland voor werkvloerverhoudingen en effecten daarvan op hoe werkenden zich organiseren.

La División Ascaso en las trincheras del Frente de Aragón

Margaret Michaelis and Kati Horna: Female CNT-FAI Photographers during the Spanish Civil War

Margaret Michaelis (Dziedzice, 1902 - Melbourne, 1985) and Kati Horna (Budapest, 1912 - Mexico, 2000) were two Jewish immigrant photographers who put their cameras at the service of the social revolution launched by the anarchists and anarcho-syndicalists of the CNT-FAI during the Spanish Civil War. Despite what has been understood in the past, their photographs from the war did not fall into the hands of Franco´s regime, disappear into the ruins or perish during the bombings. They were where they belonged, in the files of the offices where the photographers worked: the Foreign Propaganda Office of the CNT-FAI.

Schipbreuk VOC-schip Rooswijk

VOC-schip Rooswijk: vergaan maar niet vergeten

Op 10 januari 1740 verging het VOC-schip Rooswijk in een zware winterstorm voor de kust van Engeland. Anno 2018 staat het schip volop in de schijnwerpers. Afgelopen zomer werd de opgraving van het schip voor het 2017 afgerond. Britse en Nederlandse archeologen, professionele duikers, amateur archeologen en tientallen studenten, hebben duizenden vondsten naar boven gehaald. De Rijksdienst voor het Cultureel Erfgoed, die dit project leidt, werkt samen met Historic England aan het vervolg van het project in 2017 en 2018. 

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Archief Diamantbewerkersbond

Het IISG bewaart het volledige archief van de Algemene Nederlandse Diamantbewerkersbond (ANDB). 

  • Projectleider: Karin Hofmeester
  • Start: 2018
  • Grant: Mondriaan Fonds
IISH Research | Iran Oil Industry | By Nevit Dilmen (talk) - Own work Family album, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=26133553

Labour in the Iranian Oil Industry

The main objective of this project is to develop an empirical and qualitative understanding of labour as well as labour force in the Iranian oil industry.

Project-leader: Touraj Atabaki

ANDB | Leerlingkaart

Tegen de Stroom in

Tegen de stroom in: de sociale mobiliteit van joodse Nederlanders (1880-1940)

  • Projectleider: Karin Hofmeester
  • Grant: € 500.000 van KNAW Onderzoeksfonds
  • Partner: Huygens ING