Tolerant migrant cities? The case of Holland 1600-1900

07 November 2023 - 13:52

This NWO funded project will answer this question how credible the image of the tolerant Dutch cities really is and how this changed over time by examining migrants through the eyes of the courts in the highly urbanized coastal provinces of the Netherlands (Holland) between 1600 and 1900. It aims to reveal patterns of continuity and change in: 1. Treatment of migrants by criminal courts, and 2. Violence and conflicts between migrants and native born.

Project leaders: prof. dr. Manon van der Heijden (Leiden University) and Leo Lucassen (IISH). Postdoc is dr. Jeanette Kamp and PhD students are Samantha Sint Nicolaas (IISH) with the project: Migrants and the Court of Amsterdam, 1600-1800 and Karlijn Luk (Leiden University).

Duration: 2020-2024

Funding: NWO Open Competition grant (750K)

Products: two dissertations and  a number of peer reviewed articles

drawing of victim of punishment