Call for articles and book reviews REVLATT

18 March 2020 - 20:56

Call for articles and book reviews for the first issue of the Revista Latinoamericana de Trabajo y Trabajadores (REVLATT).

Deadline: 31 March 2020.

Established at a meeting held in La Paz, Bolivia, in 2017, the Red Latinoamericana Trabajo y Trabajadores (Latin American and Caribbean Network of Work and Workers, REDLATT) is an academic initiative that brings together Latin American specialists in the field of labor history. After its second successful conference, held in 2019 in Lima, Peru, REDLATT is now taking a step forward in order to consolidate the project and announces the first issue of an academic journal that will help articulate our common work, consolidate our network and disseminate our research.

REDLATT seeks to satisfy the need for a journal focused entirely on the worlds of labor, bringing together research with diverse views and perspectives about and from Latin America. The journal will approach studies of labor in a broad sense and in the long term (16th to 21st centuries), with the aim to overcome several dichotomies (such as the division between the studies of the ‘classic’ industrial and waged workers and those dedicated to slavery and other forms of coactive work) and explore a variety of socio-economic systems, as well as the diverse non-evolutionary continuum of coactive labor and labor regimes that bring together informal and popular activities. It will also explore labor precariousness from a perspective that recognizes that it is not only a contemporary phenomenon, but rather one with a long history. Last, but not least, the journal will assess protests and conflicts over time, including forms of struggle that precede the formation of trade unions and labor organizations. It is in these geographic, temporal and multiple perspective dimensions that the journal finds its originality, since it proposes to think of the Latin American world of work as a mosaic of complexities that cross borders and regions throughout six centuries.

The Revista Latinoamericana de Trabajo y Trabajadores (REVLATT) will be published in open access, twice a year; all the articles will go through a strict peer review process. It will be published by REDLATT with the support of the International Institute for Social History (Netherlands) and the Bonn Center for Dependency and Slavery Studies (Germany). The editorial team consists of Rossana Barragán (Bolivia), Valeria Pita (Argentina), Isabel Povea (Spain/Mexico), Lucas Poy (Argentina), Luis Thielemann (Chile), Paulo Terra (Brazil), María Ullivarri (Argentina), Christian de Vito (Italy/Germany) and Paola Revilla (Bolivia).

Revlatt will receive and publish articles and reviews in Spanish, Portuguese, and English. The call for papers and book reviews for the first issue (to be published in the second semester 2020) will be open until 31 March 2020. Manuscripts (up to 10,000 words for articles, up to 1,500 words for review articles, and up to 5,000 words for review essays) can be sent to More detailed information regarding the preparation of the manuscript can be found here

Lucas Poy