Filipa Ribeiro da Silva has been awarded NWO Open Competition SSH funding

26 May 2023 - 13:02

Filipa Ribeiro da Silva has been awarded the NWO Open Competition SSH - M funding with her project 'The Global Business of Slave Trade – Patterns, Actors and Gains in the Early Modern Dutch and Iberian Slave Trade in Asia'.  

This project shifts worldwide debates about slavery. For the first time, the 'Asian' slave trade is reconstructed for three crucial areas, with attention to actors, profits and long-term consequences. The project focuses on South and East Africa, the South China Sea and the Indonesian Archipelago. With new research methods, digitized historical sources from Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish and local Asian archives are used to thoroughly revise the understanding of the dynamics and impact of the slave trade outside the Atlantic world. The research data will be made permanently available via the Indian Ocean and Maritime Asian Slave Trade Database at IISH.

More information can be found here