Sharing our knowledge

17 August 2018 - 11:01

The IISH collection department focuses on international and national collaboration. First of all, our open data policy makes it a necessity, but we also are aware that heritage institutions have joint interests that must be pursued.

Active sharing of expertise is hugely important in order to remain informed of the latest technical and methodological developments. 

The IISH is a member of the most relevant national and international networks of archives and libraries and it wishes to play an active role in them. Globally speaking, the Institute would like to retain its leading role in its own discipline, for example in the International Association of Labour History Institutions (IALHI) and among the institutions that collect data in the field of socioeconomic history. 

At the national level, the IISH is willing to become a significant knowledge centre in the field of archives and heritage. Efforts in recent years have ensured that the IISH as a heritage institution has raised its profile in the context of initiatives and organizations such as Archief2020, the Royal Association of Archivists in the Netherlands (KVAN), the Dutch knowledge centre for digital heritage and culture (DEN) and Adamnet. 

What makes our position unique, is not only that we are gathering a gigantic private archive, but also our comprehensive approach to types of material, our direct link to the scientific world and our close involvement in initiatives in terms of digital humanities and with research infrastructures such as CLARIAH and DARIAH.

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