Request Items from the Library

This page shows you how to request books, brochures and serials. 
See also how to Request Items from Archival Collections


“Your List of Requests” now appears at the bottom right corner. There’s a maximum of 3 items per request, but you may submit multiple requests.

  • Click the "Submit" button

NB Clear the list by clicking on “Remove all”, remove an item by clicking on the “X”


  • A new tab will open with a reservation form and an overview of your selected items
  • Complete the Reservation Form

NB don’t forget to mention the year volume/issue in case you want a serial

  • Select the date of your visit (default is the current day until 4 p.m.)
  • Retype the two words at the bottom of the form
  • Click the “Reserve” button

NB if you can’t read the words, try a new captcha by clicking the icon 


  • You'll get an email confirming your request
  • The item(s) will be ready for you to consult in the reading room  with a copy of the request form
  • When you return an item, please enclose the request form too

See also: Rules concerning Consultation

the "Add to Request List" button fails to appear:

  • the item may be a visual document (photo, poster, etc.).
    > digitized images (low resolution scans) of materials are displayed in the catalogue.
    Original material can, only in exceptional cases, be consulted by appointment.
  • the item was already reserved:
    > the text " Item already reserved, please contact (link sends e-mail)" appears
  • the item can't be consulted due to restrictions on use
    > the text "Item not reservable" appears.

the text "Item not found" appears:

  • Click the Refresh button or press the F5 key
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