Workshop: A Peek at the Neigbours' Grass

09 November 2018 - 0:00

Recent social and economic history research in Belgium and the Netherlands
Workshop Friday 9 November at the IISH, Amsterdam
Under the auspices of the N.W. Posthumus Institute, IISH and NEHA

  • Datum: 9 november 2018
  • IISH, Cruquiusweg 31, Amsterdam
  • Call for Papers: deadline 1 June 2018

So close, so different. And in many ways so little known: reaching for world historical perspectives makes one overlook adjoining countries. Yet perhaps we can learn most from them, precisely because they are so close and at the same time so different.

All the more reason to have a peek at work in progress and recently finished research in both countries. To do this N.W. Posthumus network Economy and Society of the Pre-Industrial Low Countries in a Comparative Perspective and the IISH/NEHA organize a workshop on 9 November 2018.

We invite everyone who wants to present recent, and preferably comparative research about the social and economic history of the Netherlands and Belgium to submit an abstract before the 1st of June 2018 to Participants are notified before 1 July and will then receive further practical information.

Registration for the workshop is free and catering will be provided, but participants will have to pay for transport and accommodation, if any.

Heidi Deneweth
Jessica Dijkman
Joost Jonker