Jip Binsbergen

22 June 2022 - 16:23

Volunteer collection development

Jip studied biology (UvA) and during his study he was involved in the squatter’s movement. After his study biology Jip met Eef Vermeij during their study as graphic designers. With his partner he made the design for the catalogue for the festival 'Europe Against the Current'.

Jip worked for a long time as an independent graphic designer and made graphs for the Biology books published by Malmberg.
In 2002 he got a job as assistant conservator of the famous Artis Library (UvA)

After his retirement in 2021, Jip started at the IISH as volunteer and is two days in the week assisting Eef Vermeij at the Collection Development department.

In addition to his work for the Asia Collections, he is interested in birds and a member of the “Vogelwerkgroep Amsterdam.” Besides that he is making woodcuts and etchings and enjoying his retirement.