Nieuws over de Aziatische Collecties

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Nieuws over de Aziatische Collecties


Pemuda Rakyat

About a year ago the IISH bought a flag (banner) of the Indonesian Pemuda Rakyat at an auction. Due to the pandemic the processing of the flag in the catalogue of the IISH was put on hold, but now it is finally accessible (IISG BG L1/501). Pemuda Rakyat (People's Youth) was the youth wing of the Partai Kommunis Indonesia (Communist Party of Indonesia). 

IISG BG D91/239

Military terror in Thailand, 6 October 1976

Sometimes you stumble upon little surprises. In this case finding a poster in a small donated collection of Indonesia and East Timor related magazines of the Thailand Informations- und Solidaritätskomitee, München (TISK) on the events of 6 October 1976, which were commemorated in Thailand only weeks ago.