News on Asian Collections

IISH Collections | Asia | Red Shirt Movement - Photo by:

News on Asian Collections

IISH Collections | Songkran bowl

Songkran, songkran, songkran ...

Songkran or Thai New Year (April 13-15) is the most important festival/holiday in Thailand and a festival rich with traditions a.o. merit making and offering food to monks, paying reverence to elders etc.

IISH Collections | Blog | 2.000 planes shot down Laos Poster | Photo by IISH

2000 Planes shot down

Poster from Laos, produced by the Editions du Neo Lao Haksat (Lao Patriotic Front) to celebrate the 2000th U.S. plane shot down over Laos, in the period from 1964 until 1971.

IISH Collections | Poster Korea | North Chosun Workers Union | Photo by IISH

A little pearl from Korea

Recently, while going through yet to be processed posters from diffferent Asian countries, we stumbled upon this little gem.

IISH Collections | Blog | Antoinette R. Raquiza Collection

Antoinette R. Raquiza Collection

In 2014 Antoinette Raquiza donated her collection of documents on the Philippine Left to the International Institute of Social History.

IISH Collections | Michael Bedford Papers | Philippines 1970s | Photo by WIkipedia

Michael Bedford Papers

After having announced last September the availability of the Michael Bedford Collection, it is now time to announce the same for the Michael Bedford Papers.

IISH Collections | Thailand Surprises 3 | yellow sign | Photo by Eef Vermeij

Thailand Surprises 3

The business of Low San Lee (right side of the yellow sign) seems to be closed down, the actual lettering of his business has been taken of, but the stains left behind clearly spell out his name ...