17 October 2018 - 15:59

Census Data Open Linked (CEDAR)

The research project Census data open linked - CEDA_R - From fragment to fabric - Dutch census data in a web of global cultural and historic information, takes Dutch census data (www.volkstelling.nl) as its starting point to build a semantic data-web of historical information.

The project was initiated by DANS (project leader Andrea Scharhorst) and is financed by the Computational Humanities program of the KNAW (led by Sally Wyatt, see www.ehumanities.nl). It is a collaboration between DANS (Peter Doorn, Andrea Scharnhorst), IISG (Kees Mandemakers) and the Vrije Universiteit (Frank van Harmelen, Rinke Hoekstra) and is consistent with other recently launched semantic web projects like Data2Semantics. The project gives a new impuls to the already available censuses after the successful cooperation at the NWO-Groot project Life courses in Context, during which a large part of the censuses was entered.

Within CEDAR two PhD students (Albert Meroño Peñuela and Ashkan Ashkpour) and a postdoc (Christophe Guéret) will work for more than four years together on the semantic access of data from the Dutch census of the last two centuries. The PhD students are supervised by Frank van Harmelen (VU) and Kees Mandemakers (IISG/Erasmus University Rotterdam).

The research group also consists of Jan Kok, Onno Boonstra, Marieke van Erp, Maarten Hoogerwerf, Laurens Rietveld, Stefan Schlobach, Joke Pol, Dirk Roorda, Leen Breure en René van Horik.

HSN Projects | CEDAR - volkstelling Drenthe (1795) | Photo by volkstellingen.nl