IISH Annual Report 2010

22 January 2018 - 20:10

The 2010 IISH annual report

Last year in the general introduction to the annual report on 2009 I described in detail the major changes that were imminent at the IISH. This time, I am pleased to show that we have moved beyond words; that in addition to announcing our intentions, we implemented several major changes in 2010. In addition, 2010 was our 75th anniversary of the IISH and was occasion for a great celebration.

The first major change consisted of completely reorganizing the Collections departments. Last year I indicated why rapid technological advances and the corresponding new expectations among our users necessitated thorough reorganization of the departments where materials are processed, catalogued, and made available. [...]

The second major project carried out in 2010 was the restructuring of our collection development and research departments. Last year I described why the IISH believes that both research programme and collection policy should focus more on the 'global South', and that the industrialized world should receive less emphasis.[...]

In addition to all the reorganizations, another event that made 2010 very special was of course the 75th anniversary of the IISH. The elaborate celebrations included a staff party, master classes, and public lectures, with as unquestionable highlight the review exhibition Rebels with a Cause. The IISH at 75, organized in conjunction with the Special Collections Department at the University of Amsterdam. [...]

More in the Annual Report 2010. You can download the report or order a printed copy by sending an email to secretar@iisg.nl (link sends e-mail), providing your name and full mailing address.

IISH Annual Report 2010