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New publications by Rossanna Barragan

Two new publications by Rossana Barragán

Potosí Global (Viajando con sus primeras imágenes, 1550-1650, La Paz: Plural) and Work and Workers in Latin America (Trabajo y Trabajadores en América Latina, Siglos XVI-XXI (CIS, REDLATT, 2019) .

Potosí Global (Viajando con sus primeras imágenes, 1550-1650, La Paz: Plural) is a journey along the descriptions and depictions of Potosí and the connections entangled through them between Seville, Antwerp, Frankfurt and Constantinople. 

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Come On, Women!

Trien de Haan-Zwagerman (1891-1986) became a prominent figure in the Dutch left wing movement of the 1920s. Bart Lankester wrote her biography.

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José Domingo Gómez Rojas

At first sight, Raymond Craib’s The Cry of the Renegade, Politics and Poetry in Interwar Chile, is a biography of the anarchist poet José Domingo Gómez Rojas (1896-1920). 

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Elisée Reclus

Elisée Reclus (1830-1905) was far ahead of his time in many fields: he was the first practitioner of the field of social geography, counts as one of the founders of naturism and vegetarianism, led the way at the Paris Commune (1870) and propagated the world language Esperanto.

IISH Collections | Book blog | Johan van Hell - Design for 1 may celebration in Olympic Stadium Amsterdam (1930)

Johan van Hell

Johan van Hell (1889-1952) was a versatile man. Besides being a visual artist, he was a clarinet player and oboist, and not the least.

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Rob van Gennep, publisher

Rob van Gennep was the publisher of the political left in the Netherlands in the 70s. Geke van der Wal has now written his biography.

IISH Collections | Bookblog | Carolin Kosuch - Photo by Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht

Gustav Landauer and kindred spirits

Missratene Söhne. Anarchismus und Sprachkritik im Fin de Siècle by Carolin Kosuch is a triple-biography of three befriended Jewish 'rebels' around the turn of the century, Gustav Landauer, Erich Mühsam and Fritz Mauthner.

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Biography Sal Tas (1905-1976)

Een onwrikbaar geloof in zijn gelijk ('An unshakable belief in being right') is the title that Tity de Vries gave to her biography of the left-wing journalist Sal Tas.