Book presentation Gijs Kessler

16 June 2022 - 9:48

The official presentation of the new book 'Rusland - land dat anders wil zijn' (Russia - Country that wants to be different) was held on June 9th at the publisher, Uitgeverij Prometheus. The book is a personal retrospective on 25 years of living and working in Russia by Gijs Kessler, senior researcher at the Institute. 

The first copy was presented to prof. dr. Jan Lucassen, founder and former head of the research department of the IISH. Jan brought Gijs to the IISH in 2002 to start a large research project in Moscow. Ultimately, Gijs would work at the IISH for fifteen years, and the research projects that he and Jan supervised form a large part of the subject of the book.

After an opening by editor-in-chief Job Lisman of Uitgeverij Prometheus, Gijs told the short story 'Daar zit de vijand' (The enemy is over there), connecting his early experiences in Russia with the current conflict. Jan Lucassen reflected on the book.


Photo's by Ayman Qattan.







Een stapel van Gijs Kessler's nieuwe boek 'Rusland - land dat anders wil zijn'.