NWO grant for Leo Lucassen en Manon van der Heijden

22 July 2019 - 15:22

Prof. Manon van der Heijden (University of Leiden) & Prof. Leo Lucassen (IISH) learned last week that NWO decided to fund their project Tolerant migrant cities? The case of Holland 1600-1900 in the NWO Open Competition - SGW. Of the 41 grants, a total of 13 projects fall within the Humanities. Three projects went to the KNAW Humanities Cluster.

Tolerant migrant cities? The case of Holland 1600-1900
The Netherlands are the prime example of tolerance. Didn’t we welcome many migrants in the Golden Age without significant conflicts? However, we know little about the position of migrants before the courts and conflicts between migrants and natives between 1600-1900. This project will challenge the image of Dutch tolerance.

Humanities Cluster scores well
Of the 41 grants, a total of 13 projects fall within the Humanities. Three of them within the Humanities Cluster. In addition, one project is based on HSN data from the IISH. It concerns The burden of infectious diseases. Child and adult mortality from infectious diseases in Amsterdam, 1854-1926 by prof. Dr. Angelique Janssens (RU) & prof. Dr. Jacco Wallinga (LUMC)).

Jan Bloemendal (Huygens ING) obtained an NWO Open Competition grant for his project 'TransLetin: The Transnational Impact of Latin Theatre from the Early Modern Netherlands, a Qualitative and Computational Analysis'. An amount of 750,000 euros is involved, which enables him to hire two postdoctoral researchers (in the fields of Neo-Latin and Digital Humanities), a research assistent and an IT specialist.  

About the Open Competition
The aim of the Open Competition – SSH is to facilitate excellent, non-programmed, curiosity-driven research that primarily addresses a social sciences or humanities research question and research problem. Researchers can apply for funding for different types of research: small or large research projects, and for individual projects or for research groups. Research can have a disciplinary, interdisciplinary or cross-domain character. The research can be aimed at international collaboration between researchers and/or research groups.

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