Potosi and the world: new approaches (sixteenth to eighteenth centuries)

09 September 2019 - 16:50

Rossana Barragán (Bolivia) from the International Institute of Social History (the Netherlands) and Paula Zagalsky from CONICET (Argentina) organized this important Conference in the X International Congress of Bolivian Studies held in Sucre (22 to 24 July 2019). 

The participants: 14 scholars from different countries:

  1. Therese Bouysse Cassagne
    France, Paris CREDA/IHEAL/ CNRS
    Potosí during the Prehispanic Period 
  2. Hedi Scott Amherest
    USA, Massachussets, University of Amhrest 
    The Cerro Rico, the political geology and the geological knowledge in the Andes, (Sixteenth to Eighteenth centuries)
  3. Renée Raphael
    USA, California, University of California
    Making the Mining progress believable
  4. Clara López and Luis Prado
    Bolivia, La Paz, Academia Bolivia de la Historia.
    Technological innovation and society in the mines: the mills of Potosi (1570-1650)
  5. James Almeida                            
    USA, Boston, University of Harvard
    The world within walls: Forced Labour in the Mint House of Potosi
  6. Paula C. Zagalsky                       
    Argentina, Jujuy, CONICET
    Miners during the boom of Potosí, 1569-1610: an overview of the mining owners, and renters in the mines and the mills.
  7. Rossana Barragán                        
    The Netherlands/Bolivia, Amsterdam , International Institute of Social History
    The main crop of the Kingdom and Monarchy”: mines, mills, trapiches and the silver bank in (1681-1790)
  8. Renzo Honores
    Peru, Lima, Universidad Católica
    Arbitrism, Mining Rights and Legal Discourses from the Villa Imperial de Potosí in 1634.  
  9. Lucía Querajazu
    Bolivia, La Paz, Universidad de Buenos Aires
    The Inca Parade in Potosi in the Eighteenth Century
  10. Daniel Oropeza Alba
    Bolivia, Potosí, Asociación de Estudios Bolivianos
    Merchants of silver and its transport in Potosi during the Seventeenth Century
  11. Mariano A. Bonialian
    México, México, El Colegio de México
    The Money of Potosi and its transpacific flows in the monetization of China, 1570-1620.
  12. Kris Lane 
    USA, New Orleans, Tulane University
    A global scandal: the peso potosino during the big mint fraud of 1640
  13. Tristan Platt
    Great Britain, University of St. Andrews
    Recovering the Past for the Present: Target and Reality in the Ratio of Quicksilver to Refined Silver (1800-1850)
  14. Alejandra Irigoin
    Great Britain, London School of Economics
    Plata or money? The role of silver in the early modern global economy 

The results of this conference will be published in Spanish and English.

Potosi and the world: new approaches (sixteenth to eighteenth centuries)

Conference in the X International Congress of Bolivian Studies


Rossana Barragan (left, with microphone)