Historical Dutch Toponyms

16 October 2018 - 15:55

On this page you find a link to the release of the standardized and Spatio-Temporal coded values of 7,925 place names (hamlets, villages, towns, cities and municipalities) in the Netherlands over the period 1812-2012. 

The release contains latitude and longitude coordinates of the centre of its residential area, the name of the old or recent municipality it belonged or belongs to (including time-span), name of the province, postal code range, telephone area code and the Amsterdam code which is standard for the Dutch municipalities.

Data can be downloaded with a Dutch or an English guide and contain both ACCESS2013 and CSV files. The system will be developed continuously; mistakes will be repaired and new entries will be added.

When using these data in any form (presentations, books, articles etc.) the dataset should be cited as: D.P. Huijsmans, IISG-LINKS Dataset Historische Nederlandse Toponiemen Spatio-Temporeel 1812-2012, Release 2013.2.

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