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By means of the download service, you can download public and non-public HSN-data after getting confirmation by email from HSN. There are certain conditions that need to be fulfilled in order to work with HSN data. The HSN would like to stress that it respects the individual privacy of the persons in the database. Users of HSN data must therefore fill in and sign a licence agreement and agree with our privacy rules.
For more information see at privacy statement. The license agreement cannot be signed online; it will be send to you before receiving the dataset. The HSN also provides services for scientific research. If you are interested, please send your request to the HSN (hsn@iisg.nl).

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HSN Data

HSN Datamachine

Historical Sample of the Netherlands (HSN Datamachine)

Create and download your own dataset of Historical Sample of the Netherlands. The sample contains data of about 85,500 people born in the Netherlands during 1812-1922. The HSN database containing individual life-courses is a unique tool for research in Dutch history and demography.

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HSN Data Sampling

The sampling of the HSN is based on tables with the official number of births for each year and each municipality. As a rule the whole period under investigation (1812-1922) is stratified into cohorts of ten years (except the first cohort, which contains the eleven-year period 1812-1822). 

HSN Data | Structure

Structure and Size of the HSN Database

The data of the HSN can be divided into two categories: data from events and data with a more or less continuous character from the population registers. The nature and quality of the data is described at sources.

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HSN Occupations

Here you find a release of the standardized and coded values of 281,355 different occupational titles found in the sources used by the HSN until the 1st of January 2020.

HSN | Gemeentegeschiedenis | Plaatsnamen | Toponyms 1812-2012

Historical Dutch Toponyms

On this page you find a link to the release of the standardized and spatio-temporal coded values of 7,925 place names (hamlets, villages, towns, cities and municipalities) in the Netherlands over the period 1812-2012.