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Products of the HSN are distinguished in three main categories:


More specific:


By means of the download service, you can download public and non-public HSN-data after getting confirmation by email from HSN.
There are certain conditions that need to be fulfilled in order to work with HSN data. The HSN would like to stress that it respects the individual privacy of the persons in the database.

Users of HSN data must therefore fill in and sign a licence agreement and agree with our privacy rules. For more information see at privacy statement. The license agreement cannot be signed online; it will be send to you before receiving the dataset.
The HSN also provides services for scientific research. If you are interested, please send your request to the HSN (hsn@iisg.nl).

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HSN Products

HSN Publications | Population Reconstruction Utrecht (2015)

HSN Publications

Since its genesis, researchers at the HSN or in cooperation with the HSN have produced a wide range of publications: articles and reports on research results and articles to introducing the HSN. Here you will find a list of publications related to the work of the HSN.

HSN Presentations | Jan Kok Jan Kok presenting at History Days of the Netherlands | (2017)

HSN Presentations

In addition to publications, researchers at the HSN, or in cooperation with the HSN, have given a wide range of presentations, like lectures, symposia and promotional activities. Here you will find a list of these activities, related to the work of the HSN.

HSN Products | Papers

HSN Papers

This list includes internal (HSN published) and external HSN related papers.

HSN Products | Releases

HSN Releases

This list contains public and scientific HSN releases. This distinction is made between releases available to the public without restriction ('public releases') and releases which may be made public subject to restrictions ('scientific releases').