Less strikes in 2018

07 May 2019 - 17:07

Every year around this time, Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek (CBS) publishes the number of strikes of the year before. 'In 2018, 28 times, in 2017 it was 32 times. There were about 67 thousand days of work lost less than a year earlier.' So we can read on the website of the institute.The number of strikes fell, while the number of strikers and suspended days was lower.

The IISH has an overview of the strikes that have taken place since 1372 Also for 2018, this unique historical series has been updated by IISH researcher Sjaak van der Velden. He promoted on the development of strikes in the Netherlands.

This series is unique for our country because the strikes and other industrial disputes are described by conflict. A number of characteristics are also shown that are not known in any other series, such as the results of the conflict.

When we compare the IISH series with the figures of the CBS, we see that the IISH recorded more strikes than the CBS. This also applies to the number of strikers. The CBS recorded more suspended days in her turn. The Series of the iish are available for everyone and can be downloaded.