Celebration 10th Volkskrant-IISG Scriptieprijs 2019

15 May 2019 - 16:18
  • Award ceremony winning thesis 
  • December 11, 2019
  • 19 h - 23h
  • IISH, Cruquiusweg 31, Amsterdam

This year, de Volkskrant and the IISH will once again be looking for excellent theses on a historical subject. The IISH will make € 1,500 available for the winning thesis. De Volkskrant will post an interview with the winner.

The four nominees pitch their thesis, the winner will be put in the spotlight. And to make the party complete, we are celebrating this tenth edition with a historic pub quiz! Teun van der Keuken and Jim Jansen (New Scientist) will present the quiz. There is beer from brewery 't IJ, there is music. In short, it will be a great evening.

The nominees(in alfabetical order)
Aimee Albers (VU):
De creatieve correctie: buurtbewoners, architecten en de realisatie van de stadsvernieuwing in Amsterdam 1970-1990.
Kerrewin van Blanken (UU): Diligent observers of natural things. Lay observations and the natural philosophy of earthquakes in the Royal Society of London 1665-1755.
Bridget Martin (RUG): Listening Like a Historian? A framework of ‘oral historical thinking’ for engaging with audiovisual sources in secondary school education.
Ruben Ros (UU): The Birth of the Foreign. A Digital Conceptual History of Buitenland in Dutch Newspapers 1815-1914.

N.B. It is also possible to attend the event without playing the quiz. Please email Jacqueline Rutte

IISG Volkskrant Scriptieprijs 2019


Prof.dr. Karin Hofmeester, IISG
Dr. Jouke Turpijn, Universiteit  van Amsterdam 
drs. Hasan Evrengun, adj.-eindredacteur Andere Tijden, NTR
Prof. Dr. Jan Hein Furnéé, Radboud Universiteit
Dr. Barbara Henkes, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen
Dr. Ellen Neslo, Universiteit Utrecht
Prof. dr. Inger Leemans, VU Amsterdam

winnaars scriptieprijs


  • 2018 Aimée Plukker, Roman Holiday. The Marshall Plan, American tourism to Rome, and the creation of the West (1947-1957).
  • 2017 Olav Hofland, Cooking Towards Communism. Domestic cooking and the Khrushchev Regime’s struggle for the Communist way of life.
  • 2016: Marlisa den Hartog, The pleasure that is taken in bed. Perceptions of sexual desire and sexual identity in Italy, 1450-1500.
  • 2015: Bareez Majid, In order not to forget. A critical study of the Iraqy-Kurdish Museum of Amna Suraka.
  • 2014: Daan de Leeuw, In the Name of Humanity. Nazi Doctors and Human Experiments in German Concentration Camps, 1939-1945
  • 2013: Stefan Penders, Imperial waters. Roman river god art in context
  • 2012: Floris Keehnen, Trinkets (f)or Treasure? The role of European material culture in intercultural contacts in Hispaniola during early colonial times
  • 2011: Joppe van Driel, Enlightening the matter of science – The anti-materialistic Enlightenment philosophy of Jean de Castillon (1709-1791)
  • 2010: Marlous van Waijenburg, Living standards in British Africa in a comparative perspective, 1880 - 1945. Is poverty destiny?