Books and serials

The IISH Library holds about 1,2 million records. In addition to specialist journals and monographs in the field of socio-economic history, the collection also comprises many original publications of social movements, such as periodicals and brochures.

All these printed materials are freely accessible for research and can be retrieved from the IISH catalogue.

The following collections deserve special mention:

IISH Library | Photo by Peter van Beek
Queen Juliana and NRMW-chairman F.H. Landman at the 50th anniversary of the NRMW | Photo by: Collectie / Archief : Fotocollectie Elsevier

Library NRMW

The library of the Dutch National Council for Social Well-being (NRMW) contains hundreds of publications in the field of crime, well-being, and care. 

IISH Collections | Portrait Petr Lavrovič Lavrov

Lavrov-Goc library

The Lavrov-Goc library, the library of the Russian Socialist-Revolutionary Party (PSR) contains approximately 10,000 titles, including Marx's Russian books with his personal remarks.

IISH Collections | Leon Kashnor Collection

Kashnor collection

The Kashnor collection,  named after an antiquarian in London, comprises nearly 4000 publications (1650-1880), ranging from laws promulgated by Oliver Cromwell to discussions on the Corn Law,  and colonial issues.