Richard Zijdeman

01 November 2018 - 9:00

Head of the Data & Augmentation department, Senior Researcher

Dr. Richard L. Zijdeman is a specialist in the field of intergenerational status attainment in the Netherlands in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. He is the head of the Data and Enrichment Department and directs the HSNDB, hosting LINKS and the Historical Sample of the Netherlands. He has been the lead of CLARIAH’s work package on Linked Open Data, project manager for the HSN-SSD pilot in ODISSEI and recently attained an Open Science Fund grant for FAIR reuse of SPARQL queries. Richard represents the Family History and Demography network in the Social Science History Association and is the Netherlands’ national coordinator for DARIAH. His latest publications focus on the application of Linked Data in historical demography. 


IISH Staff | Richard Zijdeman - Photo by Martin van Welzen