The Netherlands Collection Guide

21 September 2018 - 15:38

Traditionally, acquisitions related to the Netherlands have included socialism and the labor movement in the 19th and 20th centuries. Since the 1970s, the social movement has expanded to include environmental issues, human rights, squatters, and similar subjects. The legacy of these new social movements can be found at the IISH as well.

The library collections cover a much larger area of political and economic history, the history of ideas, social conditions, and health care in the Netherlands since the early modern period. The Collection Sociale Documentatie (CSD) includes materials on alternative and social movements like underground and youth culture, students, squaters, antinuclear movement and New Age.

All materials can be found in the IISH catalogue. The Institute has digitized its leading archives and collections. The archives of the SDAP and many others are now fully available to view via the Institute’s catalogue. The documents can be browsed and each piece can be viewed in full screen mode.

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IISH Collections | Poster | Stop de Neutronenbom (1977) | Poster by Jeroen de Vries